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Collector ought to be taken literally—it is a place to explore and catalogue the Madison, Wisconsin band’s relationships, the past, and the world beyond the American Midwest.

Collector is defined and tightly-contoured by the ties between all five members: Raina Bock (bass/vocals), Isaac deBroux-Slone (guitar/vocals), Shannon Connor (guitar/keys/vocals), Logan Severson (guitar/vocals), and Brendan Manley (drums)—all equally dedicated and adventurous musicians committed to coaxing genre boundaries.

Produced by Rob Schnapf, Collector is a set of songs largely pulled from each of the members’ demo piles over the years. They’re organic representations of each moment in time, gathered together to tell a mixtape-story of growing up in 21st century America. The songs are marked by urgency, introspection, tongue-in-cheek nihilism, and a shrewd understanding of pop and rock structures and their corollaries—as well as a keen desire to dialogue with and upset them. - Luke Ottenhof

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